Free Shipping Notice

Add a simple and sleek notification to show customers how much they need to add to cart in order to receive free shipping on their purchase.

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Let your shoppers know that free shipping is available on your store. Our free shipping notification extension for Magento 1 shows a text message notice on top of your pages and on the cart page letting users know how much they need to add to cart in order to receive free shipping on your order. The design and text can be directly customized from the extension config page on the Magento admin panel or it can also be changed via the included CSS stylesheet. You can select to show the notice only on the cart page, on all pages, or both. This is a simple to add extension to your store which in conjunction with a free shipping promotion will help increase conversion and average order value on your store.

Do I need to know how to code to install your modules?

No code changes are required for our modules to work with a standard Magento install. We also offer professional installation service to ensure the module is installed correctly.

How can I pay for the modules?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal processed by Stripe and secure via 256-bit SSL.

Do you offer refunds?

Certainly, simply contact [email protected] to submit your refund request along with your order number.

Can I install your module as a trial?

We don't offer trials of our modules, but we do offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied or if the module doesn't work as intended.

Can I access the module source code or modify it?

Yes, all of our modules are open source and not encrypted in any way.

After installing a module I'm getting a "404 Not Found" on the Admin panel.

Simply log out of your Magento admin and log back in refresh session permissions.

Are the modules compatible with my theme / other modules?

We try to make our modules as compatible as possible, but because we can't take every possible scenario into consideration there may be a case where our module may conflict with custom code applied to your site. We would be happy to troubleshoot and if possible patch the module to work with your site's environment.

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